Joint statement on Court decision regarding the 2018 Municipal Election

Joint statement on Court decision regarding the 2018 Municipal Election


This week, Doug Ford took the unprecedented step of invoking the notwithstanding clause to overturn the Superior Court’s ruling to quash Bill 5 - the attempt to slash Toronto City Council from 47 to 25 Wards.  As candidates for City Council and the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) in downtown Toronto, together we stand firm in our resistance to Doug Ford’s belief that he is not accountable to anyone, and that he is above the law. We stand united in our opposition to this unprecedented threat to our fundamental rights.


This week’s events have been chilling. We share the feelings of anger and disappointment shared by so many - the thousands of Torontonians fighting back against Doug Ford’s attack, the hundreds of people volunteering and putting their hopes in a local candidate, and so many more who value community voice and participation.


We know there is disappointment and anger felt by the communities across our city working to build a movement for a more diverse, representative City Council, to truly change the face of our city’s governing body. With this move to consolidate power in the hands of the few, Doug Ford has tried to divide, and deter us.


However, we are not deterred. We are unwavering in our vision of what our city should be - a city that invests in its people, in our communities, that stands up against injustice, and stands up for inclusion. We will continue to fight for a City Council that shares this vision. We will defend our city, and the people who live here. We will work harder than ever to continue to build our movement for a city that is just, that is safe and that is welcoming, not just for some, but for everyone.


We stand together in this work.




Anita Agrawal                                     

Ausma Malik                          

Chris Moise                            

Jacqueline McKenzie                         

Jennifer Hollett                       

Joe Cressy

Kristyn Wong-Tam                             

Mike Layton                           

Sandra M. González Ponce

Stephanie Donaldson                        

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