"Joe Cressy has been effective in managing development pressures in his ward and the city at large to the benefit of the community — no easy thing to do. He’s been an important voice urging the city forward on many issues, from the King St. streetcar pilot to harm reduction sites. His voice is one the city needs."
- Toronto Star Editorial Board

"Joe is a champion for our growing downtown neighbourhoods and has taken courageous stands on both city-wide and local issues. He is energetic, passionate, and understands what it takes to build community. I have full confidence that Joe will be a great city councillor for our southern neighbourhoods."
- Mike Layton

"Joe is a strong, experienced, committed champion for our downtown. We need Joe's leadership at City Hall to stand up for our neighbourhoods, and for all Torontonians - and to continue to build the kind of communities we all need and deserve."
- Ausma Malik

"Joe is a progressive and proven city-builder. And like Pam, he is a bridge-builder who knows how to bring people together to get results. His strong, principled leadership and passion for the communities he represents makes him the best choice for Councillor."
- Heather Ann McConnell, daughter of the late Deputy Mayor Pam McConnell

"Joe Cressy is a strong voice on progressive city issues who works tirelessly to improve the lives of people across Toronto. Now more than ever we need him on City Council."
- Former City of Toronto Mayors Art Eggleton, Barbara Hall, David Crombie, David Miller, and John Sewell


-  王裕佳醫生  (Dr. Joseph Wong)

"When 401 Richmond was in trouble, Joe worked day and night to find a solution - without him, 401 Richmond wouldn't have been saved. There is no one better than Joe to protect our vibrant and diverse downtown that so many of us call home."
- Margie Zeidler, owner, 401 Richmond

"We can count on Joe Cressy to build healthy neighbourhoods and to be an effective social justice advocate. Joe consults, listens and acts!"
- Ceta Ramkhalawansingh, city builder, Grange resident for 50 years, former Ward 20 City Councillor

"Joe has been a champion on key issues that affect everyone in the downtown core, including Liberty Village. Investing in greenspace, building community infrastructure and improving mobility with innovative solutions like the King Street Pilot is vitally important city building work. We made great strides with Councillor Mike Layton and I know Joe will be an effective listener, advocate and partner in continuing this work to make our neighbourhood even better."
- Todd Hofley, Liberty Village resident and community-builder

"We need strong leaders who will stand up for people in our city. Joe has worked tirelessly as a leader on Council to build affordable housing and support everyone in our downtown communities. I proudly endorse him to continue this work representing our community at City Hall."
- Cathy Crowe, street nurse and St. Lawrence Neighbourhood resident

"Joe Cressy has made it his priority to build a downtown where families can thrive. Living in CityPlace with my family, I have seen his track record in our community from fighting to build Rail Deck Park to the development of the new Community Centre and School. I know he will continue to champion a more liveable downtown and a better Toronto for everyone."
- Melissa Wong, CityPlace resident

"Joe Cressy is a necessary voice for Toronto and its council. You’d be hard pressed to find a more dedicated and engaged individual who cares about this city, its complexities and ever-changing needs. Joe’s energy knows no bounds and his expertise is critical right now to keep Toronto on a path to excellence."
- Brendan Canning, member of Broken Social Scene, and Draper Street resident

"Joe has been a vocal ally for the arts community, and has worked hard to protect the city's arts' scene, and work with us to make it thrive. We need to send Joe back to City Hall!"
- Charles Spearin, member of Broken Social Scene

"Joe is a smart, strategic, hardworking and passionate champion for Toronto and its waterfront. He has been a strong ally in our fight to ensure that waterfront development serves the long term public interest of Torontonians. He understands the importance of building better streets, parks and transit to connect downtown to our growing waterfront neighbourhoods. Joe knows how to work with people to create a city we can all be proud of."
- Cindy Wilkey, 2015 Jane Jacobs Prize Winner

"As our city grows and changes, we need leaders who will champion responsible development and investment in our neighbourhoods. Joe has been at the forefront of critical city-building initiatives like expanding public realm in Wellington Place, on King Street and as part of countless developments in the downtown, and has consistently stood up to ensure we get quality development in our neighbourhoods. I enthusiastically endorse him to continue this work together with us."
- Ken Greenberg, Urban Designer and Wellington Place resident

"Joe is our community's friend and committed advocate. As our City Councillor, Joe is committed to the Alexandra Park revitalization, to staying true to our community's vision, and to working with us to support everyone in our community. We need to re-elect Joe."
- Nuha Habay, Alexandra Park resident and youth leader

"As our City Councillor, Joe championed the Bathurst Quay Neighbourhood Plan to revitalize our Waterfront community. We need him back at City Hall to continue to build and invest in our neighbourhood and to protect our community's vision."
- Heather Johnson, past Chair, Bathurst Quay Neighbourhood Association

"As Councillor for the previous Ward 20, Joe worked tirelessly with Mike Layton to create livable downtown communities. We need to return Joe to City Council where he can vigorously represent us in the new expanded ward."
- Carolyn Wong, Trinity-Bellwoods resident and community leader

"Joe Cressy has been our city councillor for four years and is a trusted ally on our fast-growing Central Waterfront. He understands the complex challenges on the Waterfront and is our reliable and candid advisor. YQNA wishes him continued success as city councillor."
- York Quay Neighbourhood Association

"Our Waterfront needs strong advocates. Joe has always prioritized the revitalization of our neighbourhood - I know we can count on him to continue to protect the vibrancy of our city's Waterfront, and our communities that call it home."
-  Ed Hore, Chair, Waterfront for All

"Joe has been an exceptional City Councillor. He has worked closely with us to ensure we manage development and invest in what our neighbourhood needs. He worked tirelessly to plan and champion the new YMCA coming to our neighbourhood, new affordable housing, and new arts facilities and community space and so much more. Joe is our advocate, friend and champion. Our community needs him back at City Hall."
- Valerie Eggertson, Garment District resident

"Our neighbourhood has changed dramatically in the last decade, and we need city-builders like Joe to help keep our parks, schools, and streets vibrant and safe, to build transit, and to help residents both new and established thrive in Toronto. Joe’s proven himself on council, and will continue to fight for us and our city."
- Brad Marcoux, King West resident and community organizer

"We need strong leaders at City Hall to stand up for Toronto. Joe is effective, committed, and compassionate - he has a proven track record of investing in the downtown, protecting our vital services, and standing up for everyone across our city. We need Joe to help us in the fight ahead to defend our city from Doug Ford's government."
- Chris Glover, MPP, Spadina-Fort York

"Joe has a demonstrated track record of working with residents to build communities. He's built new parks and bike lanes, fought for more pedestrian space, and defended the interests of people across neighbourhoods downtown. Joe Cressy will represent our community with great passion and commitment."
- Anna Hill, Local resident, Friends of Trinity-Bellwoods Park

"Joe understands the challenges that come with living in vertical, mixed use communities and will help make sure we are building healthy, vibrant neighbourhoods as the area grows."
- Michael Brewer, Distillery District resident

"Joe’s leadership on Council has made our City a more vibrant and healthy place to live. Our neighbourhood, with its tremendous growth, needs Joe’s leadership and experience - leadership we saw as he championed the King Street Pilot, Waterfront revitalization, responsible development, and so much more. I look forward to Joe representing our neighbourhood."
- Lester Brown, Past President, Gooderham and Worts Neighbourhood Association

"Joe has made great strides in building safe streets - under his leadership, we built bike lanes on Bloor Street! He's championed intersection redesign, slower speeds, and expanding our safe cycling network across the city. We all deserve to be able to get around our streets safely, no matter our mode of travel - our city needs Joe to continue this work at City Hall."
- Yvonne Bambrick, Author of The Urban Cycling Survival Guide

"Joe Cressy is one of the most active, visible and open-minded people I know. He has my support evermore."
- Dave Bidini, Member of the Rheostatics and Founder & Publisher of the West End Phoenix

"Big fan of Joe Cressy. He cares about the vibrancy of Toronto, how art and commerce interweave to provide the backdrop for a city that's both liveable and exciting to be in. I have great respect for how he conducts himself as a politician, always working to make sure people in the community feel heard, and providing workable solutions for a harmonious environment. I fully endorse him, and can't wait to see what the future of Toronto brings, with Joe helping to shape it."
- Jen Agg, restaurateur/writer 

"I’m personally supporting Joe Cressy who has been exemplary in representing my interests in my neighborhood – the entertainment district. From his first day in office he supported our local residents meetings and even hosted the first one for the Toronto Entertainment District Residents Association – where I’m Executive Director. I’m hoping we can continue this successful relationship as we face an ever greater task ahead with the growing ward boundaries. Joe has been a determined civic advocate successful at presenting everyone’s perspectives to city council."
- Robin Lobb, Entertainment District Resident

"Our community - and our city - needs a voice that will stand up for us, and for a more liveable city. Joe has always been a fierce advocate for Toronto's Waterfront, and for investing to make our city a better place. We need Joe's progressive vision now more than ever."
- David Smiley, Board Member, Toronto Islands Community Association


"Joe's been a vocal ally for Kensington Market. He's been with us in all our campaigns and has gotten key motions through council to protect and help Kensington Market flourish. We know he will continue to apply his knowledge, skills and fierce work ethic to fight for a better city for us all."
- Friends of Kensington Market

"As our city grows, we need to build neighbourhoods that support people across the full age continuum. In the midst of all the intense development underway downtown, Joe has demonstrated great thought leadership and progress in creating communities where families with young children to aging adults can thrive. I am thrilled to endorse Joe and his vision for our ward."
- Dr. Kamran Khan, Draper Street Residents Association

"Progressive choice Incumbent Joe Cressy, the other half of council’s left-wing dynamic duo (with Mike Layton), has been forced to run slightly outside his usual comfort zone under the 25-ward system, but that shouldn’t matter. He has accumulated an impressive record during his first term on council. From Bloor bike lanes to the King Street pilot project and efforts to save 401 Richmond, it’s been an activist four years for Cressy. But it’s his efforts as Tory’s drug strategy point person on the opioid crisis that earns Cressy the highest marks."
- Now Magazine

"Other downtown councillors Mike Layton, Joe Cressy and Gord Perks have been strong advocates for the queer community, the poor and marginalized, and deserve to return to council. Cressy in particular deserves credit for shepherding Sprott House, Canada’s first LGBT youth homeless shelter into existence in his (former) ward."
- Daily Xtra

 "Joe Cressy is the candidate with the energy, know-how, passion, and strength to make our community work for all of us. His progressive vision is one we are proud to support."
- Jessica Wilson and Benj Hellie, Ossington neighbourhood residents

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