Make the King Street Pilot permanent

We implemented the King Street Transit Pilot to make our streetcar journey faster, and to get King Street working better. And, it’s worked:

  • More people are riding the streetcar: overall ridership is up 11% since the start of the Pilot, with King now carrying 80,000 riders a day (ridership is also up 35% in morning rush hour and 27% during evening rush hour)
  • Streetcars are more reliable: Now, 85% of streetcars come within 4 minutes
  • Streetcar trips are faster: More reliability means less wait times, and the slowest streetcar trips are 5 minutes faster
  • More public space and room for pedestrians: extended patios, public art installations, and so much more have been added to King Street, with more space for pedestrians
  • More room for cycling: Twice as many cyclists now use King Street as opposed to before the Pilot began
  • Support for local business: customer spending is largely unchanged, and the city has championed numerous initiatives to continue to support the economic vibrancy of King Street
  • Car travel times largely unchanged: Car travel times on nearby routes are largely unchanged


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